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 Uses: If you could have no other essential oil in your house, then lavender would be the prime c...

 Uses: If you could have no other essential oil in your house, then lavender would be the prime choice, if only because it is so effective in treating burns and scalds. It is also naturally antibiotic, anti-depressant, sedative and a de-toxifier. Lavender has a multitude of other uses which make it such a popular and indispensable oil. Lavender is perhaps best associated with sleep and can aid insomnia or sleep related disorders due to tension or stress. It is excellent for shock related conditions. For migraine and headaches it is good when used in a cold compress or placed in a few drops of boiling water and inhaled. It can help with PMT or depression.

Lavender is wonderful for treating burns and as it can be applied directly to the skin it makes a very easy treatment for scalds, sunburn etc. It is good for allergies, bruises, athletes foot, boils, spots, eczema, scabies, dermatitis, inflammations and acne. Sores, spots and boils can also be treated with Lavender oil. Asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, throat infections, whooping cough and halitosis all respond to this oil which can be massaged gently onto the throat, nose or chest, used in the bath or as a steam inhalation combined with Eucalyptus.

It is best used as a massage oil to give relief from muscular aches and pains can be used in a similar way to aid rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, sprains. How to use essential oils: Use in a burner, humidifier/diffuser by adding a few drops to water. Use in inhalation with a steam vaporiser or put on a handkerchief/tissue on the pillow. Place a few drops in a warm bath. Use in a Foot Spa or Jacuzzi. Dilute in carrier oil or cream base and apply directly onto the skin. 

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