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Water-activated eyeliner Transfer- and smudge-proof Smudge-proof and transfer-pro...
  • Water-activated eyeliner

  • Transfer- and smudge-proof

  • Smudge-proof and transfer-proof

  • Cruelty-free and vegan


Unleash your creativity with our much loved Water Activated Liners. As seen first in our Colour Trip palette, we needed to bring them out separately with some new shades due to the demand.


Pop Punk: Purple, a vibrant, ultraviolet purple

Sonic Bolt: Yellow, a bright, neon yellow-green that will capture everyone's attention

Brain Freeze: Blue, shade a cool, bright blue

Candy Bomb: Pink, shade a vibrant neon pink

Eclipse: Black a deep, rich black 

Solar: White a vibrant, clear white


Activate the liner with water to create the perfect liner consistency, the more water you use the more fluid they become. Apply to the yes or face using one of our liner brushes. Our smudge and transfer-proof formula is perfect for a long-lasting pigmented finish. Colours can be mixed together for a customised look.

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