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WHAT IT IS: an acid serum to target pigmentation, scarring+ dark spots left over from break_outs ...

WHAT IT IS: an acid serum to target pigmentation, scarring+ dark spots left over from break_outs 
WHEN TO USE: use_ daily. AM +/or PM (we think morning is best) 

WHAT STEP: apply after your toner + before your moisturiser. 

Tranexamic Acid + L-Ascorbic Acid

= The Scar Slayer

Sometimes break_outs can leave their mark, time to get-rid…

Target pigmentation, smooth scarring, tackle dark spots & even skin tone with this brightening, clarifying and texture smoothing tranexamic acid + l-ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C) serum.

Skin brightening + glow giving, vitamin C protects against skin stressing free radicals, plus+ our probiotic blend helps to maintain healthy skin & keep it in tip top condition. Meet your ultimate scar slayer…

The ingredient glow_down…

Tranexamic Acid – Brightening BFF
Time to slay those scars… Tranexamic acid is a super_powerful ingredient known for its ability to brighten skin + improve the appearance of discoloration, scarring + dark spots.   Here to help tackle the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, evening out skin tone + targeting annoying pimple scars or pigmentation.

L’asorbic acid aka vitamin C
*The best*, most researched + results_giving vitamin C we could find. Antioxidant_rich, it maximises+ the brightening power of tranexamic acid, ensuring you get most of the ingredient.  With_ skin-soothing agents that ward off environmental stresses (like UV pollution + dehydration) while supporting cell turnover + giving a hit_of_ hydration

You can use me daily AM + PM, but morning is best! Follow with your moisturiser.  

Wanna layer? I play well with…
Hydration Hero – Vit C + Hyaluronic Acid = a classic pairing for dull skin. Use Scar Slayer in the AM. Hydration Hero in the PM.
Barrier Builder – the *ultimate* skin protection, for skin that needs extra love + attention. Use Scar Slayer in the AM, Barrier Builder PM.

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