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WHAT IT IS: a soothing serum to strengthen, protect + give skin a moisture barrier boost WHEN TO ...

WHAT IT IS: a soothing serum to strengthen, protect + give skin a moisture barrier boost 
WHEN TO USE: use_ daily. AM +/or PM (you can use me twice a day) 

WHAT STEP: apply after your toner + before your moisturiser. 

Amino Acids + Fatty Acids = The Barrier Builder

Skin been through the works? Skin barrier been damaged? Time for barrier builder…

all about keeping things healthy, this soothing & strengthening serum protects your skin’s natural moisture barrier with a cocktail of essential ceramides, amino + fatty acids (think of them as the building blocks of your skin barrier) to boost resilience & overall health.

For strong skin that’s healthy + protected.

The ingredient glow_down…

Amino Acids Complex – THE essentials

*The* building blocks that combine to form proteins fragments (aka peptides), amino acids play a role in virtually aaaall the biological processes that occur in our bodies, getting everything else we layer onto our skin working *way* harder. A vital player in making our bodies work just right, meaning they’re there for any_thing happening on a skin level too.

Glow Hub’s complex of amino acids are blended into a super_similar composition to those composed in the skin. The result = a moisturising, smoothing complex, suitable for pretty_much all skin types. Just like amino acids in food, they help give us resilience + an overall super healthy glow when added+ to our regime. Promoting cellular repair + giving antioxidant protection from free radical damage, pair+ them with anything hydrating (hi hydration hero!)


Morning + night after cleansing followed by your moisturiser & your SPF in the AM :) I’m good to use twice daily

Wanna layer? I play well with…

Scar Slayer- the *ultimate* skin protection, for skin that needs extra love + attention. Use Scar Slayer in the AM, Barrier Builder PM.
Super Serum - for breakout prone skin. Use Barrier Builder in the AM to soothe any redness/ irritation. Use Super Serum in the PM to target breakouts.

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