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Radiant skin thanks to intensive careSerums have a particularly intensive effect on the skin, as ...

Radiant skin thanks to intensive care

Serums have a particularly intensive effect on the skin, as they consist of small molecules and can penetrate deeper into the skin. Therefore, this moisturising serum has a particularly hydrating effect and provides the skin with all the moisture it needs. It is also suitable for dry skin. Apply the serum on your clean and dry face and leave it on. For individual care tips, we recommend the GESKE app, in which you can perform an analysis of your skin's condition. Based on the result, you will receive a personal care routine.

Hyaluronic acid and essential vitamins for a fresh glow

Moisture is crucial for achieving radiant and healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid supplies and binds moisture in the skin. It is naturally produced in the body but the older we get, the less hyaluronic acid is produced. As an ingredient in the Hydrating Serum, hyaluronic acid plays a key role in reducing wrinkles caused by dryness are reduced and restoring the skin's elasticity. Vitamins are important for all processes in the body, so it's no wonder that they also influence the skin. The water-based texture of the serum allows for deep penetration of the vitamins A, C, and E in its formula, where they work to give you a rosy complexion with a radiant glow.

Learn more about the active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid

Plays a key role in reducing wrinkles caused by dryness and restores skin elasticity.

Vitamins A, C, & E

Vitamin A smoothes the skin and nourishes, while vitamins E and C have an antioxidant effect.

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