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DESCRIPTION Late nights and early mornings call for UNDER EYE GELS. Include in your daily regim...


Late nights and early mornings call for UNDER EYE GELS. Include in your daily regimen to help hydrate, brighten, and de-puff under the eyes. We recommend storing the sachets in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Caffeine & Lime Extract and Apple Fruit Extracts. 

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Remove eye gels from package and place onto clean, dry skin under the eyes. Leave for a minimum of 5 minutes, or as long as desired. Discard after use and massage excess serum into the skin.


Store in the Refrigerator: Storing your eye gel in the refrigerator can enhance its soothing effect. The cool temperature can help reduce puffiness and provide a refreshing sensation when applied.

Use Gentle Application: Apply the eye gel using your ring finger, which tends to apply less pressure than other fingers. Use gentle tapping or light sweeping motions around the orbital bone, avoiding direct contact with the eyes.

Apply on Cleansed Skin: Ensure the skin around the eyes is clean and free from makeup or residue before applying the eye gel. Cleansing the area beforehand allows better absorption of the gel.

Start from the Inner Corners: Begin applying the gel from the inner corners of the eyes and move outwards towards the temples. This helps prevent the product from getting into the eyes and allows for better absorption.

Apply Generously, But Not Excessively: Use an adequate amount of eye gel to cover the entire under-eye area, but avoid applying too much product as it might lead to excessive product buildup or make it more difficult to absorb.

Use Regularly for Best Results: Consistency is key with eye gels. Regular and continued use can yield better results in addressing concerns such as puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines.

Pair with Gua Sha or Facial Massage: Incorporating a gentle facial massage or using a Gua Sha tool can enhance the effectiveness of the eye gel. The gentle massage can aid in better absorption and circulation around the eyes.

Layer Properly: If using other skincare products, apply the eye gel before heavier creams or oils. The lighter texture of the gel allows for better penetration, while heavier products can seal in the hydration.

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